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Marshmallow Fluff??

On Wednesday, I had some gals over and I made one of my favorite "easy-peasy" dips for fruit. It is just a container of strawberry cream cheese with a container of marshmallow fluff (find it in the baking aisle). It is very good!

But, as they were taking it and asking about it. I was almost quietly giggling b/c my friends up in Cleveland ALWAYS teased me! I use marshmallow fluff in a lot of things!!!! The joke was that if I brought a recipe it probaly had marshmallow fluff in the ingredients. I don't know how it happened but I guess marshmallow fluff is a staple in our house when it comes to desserts and dips.

You know how most recipes that have cream cheese and sour cream in them usually taste really good?! Well, if it has marshmallow's good!

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April said...

Oh, wow...I've never heard of something so easy that sounds so GOOD! I'll have to give it a try...THANKS!

Pam said...

I love marshmallow fluff! I like to eat it right out of the jar! YUM! :

Ruby Red Slippers said...

My sister makes this dip for everything-and it is always what I request her to bring for any party--I adore that dip!!!!!
It is the best thing in the entire world, in my opinion!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds so good!

Unknown said...

That is some great looking dip. I never thought to use the strawberry cream cheese instead of the plain for the dip. I usually chop up bits of fruit and add into it with a fruit tray but that looks really good and i bet it is delicious.