The Farmer and the Dell...

Yesterday, I went on an awesome field trip with my kindergartner. They got to do so MANY fun things from milking a goat to feeding a goat, to brushing the mane of a horse to actually "rounding" up baby goats around the farm. It was a great day!

Our "farmer"(he is the one who leads you around the farm) was EXCELLENT. He was amazing with the kids and I think went out of his way to make it extra special. I think we took the "scenic" route..he had us through a pasture, past the gate, down the a remote area to roam with the goats. The kids were loving it!

It's always a little bittersweet for me on field trips. It makes me want to "teach" again. I loved field trips when I taught especially to the farm. We would do all kinds of special things leading up to the field trip "day". Even during the field trip, we would have special "activities" for the kids to think about and find on the farm (with their chaperones) then we would come back and discuss them. We always made "special" t shirts before our field trips and I would get lonnnggg paper and we would make BIG Mural Story Lines about what we learned at the farm. I would send questions home for the parents to ask their kids that night:) (so even if they couldn't come-they wouldn't miss hearing about it!). Oh..we had so much fun!

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