Here I am!

Well, if you have been visiting my blog over this week. I think you have just about had enough of that "birthday song". Gracious me!

It has been a crazy week. From celebrating my last year in my thirties to finding myself in the ER with my daughter last night. She is totally fine but very sore. She took a bad landing at the roller rink...ouch! We should really know by now that roller rinks and my family are NOT a good combination! My son broke his arm there about three years ago.

When I called my husband from the hospital, I was a bit apprehensive. My friend had already told him. So when he went something like this...

"I am not going to bring this up again. But, can we now agree that our kids will not go to anymore skating parties?"



Well, I promise to be a better "blogger" next week! I pinky swear. I can't wait to show you my new purse from Anthropologie{thank you, mom!}. I love it- I feel like a flowery Mary Poppins and I don't care!

Let's end with ~My favorite picture of the week....

{and it's also the ONLY picture I took this week!}

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