"wooly" love!

I was at a conference a couple of weeks ago and my friend and I both bought these fun crafts for our girls. They are "wool" crafts that make little woolly animals like sheep, frogs or birds. It's a wonderful and easy craft for my daughter but it looks pretty fancy.

It's wool and a "sharp" needle and a lot little movements to make the animal. My daughter got the hang of it pretty quickly and could move that needle around.

The wool sticks to the base by taking the needle and moving it up and down. It's amazing!

You make the ears, head and legs by rolling the wool on a stick. Then you use the needle to stick it on the body of the animal. It's so cute, soft and wooly. It's a wonderful craft. I just wish I would of bought another kit. I think we will finish these animals quite quickly.

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Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

Super cute! I don't even know where to find wool like that (perhaps I should go shear the sheep down the street? LOL!)

Ruth said...

These are so cute. There has been a lot of interest in wool crafts lately. It is truly amazing some of the wonderful things you can make with wool.