My "green thumb" is brown

I picked up some plants today from a school sale. They are sitting on my driveway soaking up the sun. Usually, I am weeks ahead in planting. I am the type who has to go around and cover up all my plants with pillowcases every night. However, this Spring is different.

I feel completely overwhelmed with the work we have outside from weeding, trimming, planting, mulching-ahhh! Just writing this makes me want to take a nap. It's like all this rain had "Miracle Grow" in it- everything has doubled in size and screaming for a "haircut".

Then right next door are my neighbors! Their house is perfect. Every bush is rounded...every rock is in it's place- it looks like the grounds of Disney world. I barely ever see them out. I swear they come out at night and trim their bushes with scissors. I know one night-I will catch him in his robe kneeling by one of his perfectly trimmed bushes.

No children-professionals! They leave early and come back late. A couple of weeks ago, my daughter was drawing with chalk. Somehow she found her way over there and drawed a picture on their driveway. A BIG ole' house with flowers and "Welcome home".! Oh my! I quickly whisped her away. Hoping to not see their face as they pull up to their newly colored driveway!

I think my kids amuse them though. I caught him chuckling as my kids were in the front playing the "twirling game". You know the game where you keep twirling until you fall! Even though they have the most amazing roses- I think deep down they love the dandelion bouquets my girls give them and the dirt soup they serve them.

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Holly said...

I think a big ol chalk Welcome Home sounds nice. Who wouldn't love that!?? Your flowers look beautiful.

Jan said...

That is so cute :) you are busy being a mother! You didn't sign up for gardener did you.. You are the best!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Very sweet! Our new neighbors are a young, professional couple, and I see them watching our boys play...I wonder what they are thinking. It may be good, or bad!

(I too have a very brown thumb!)

Anonymous said...

Your neighbors sound like us....Professionals, no children. We have nothing else to do but mess out in the yard. I couldn't imagine having the time if I had kids! We still need to mulch but just can't seem to get around to it.

I am sure your yard will look great!