Grilling Pizzzzaaassss

Friday night, I got together with a group of wonderful, funny and "fun to be with" women. We laughed and told stories way past midnight. Staying up to midnight use to be easy but I pay for it the next day for sure now!

The hostess grilled pizzas on her big, outdoor green oven (i forgot the name). They were wonderful! Of course, I came home and tried to duplicate her wonderful pizzas (veggie, hawaiian). I even went out and bought a "stone" for my grill. I was so excited. However, my crust stuck to my stone and it was not to pretty!!! Besides, my stuck pizzas, we did a lot of grilling all week even lunch!

The "men" did a lot of work. Mulching and more mulching and more mulching. My son worked so hard and was a trooper till the end.

His job was spreading and getting around all the plants!

We, girls, did clean the garage but after we finished- did a little lounging to keep out of the way of the "men" working!

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