It's OPEN!

Our local farmer's market was this Saturday!

I was so excited to go. I love buying the fresh vegetables and flowers. Of course, I don't always know what to do with it all when I come home or how to prepare it. I also can be a "sucker" for lavender soap, dip mixes, homemade scones and all the other fun things they sell. Everything just seems fresh and good.

I must say that I noticed that prices REALLY have gone up. I was a bit "sticker" shocked at some of the prices.

My three kids love to go and look at all the stuff. Of course, they have "eyes" only for the ice cone lady. I must say they are like no ice cones you have ever tasted. The syrup is homemade that goes on the ice. They are really good but not at 8:30 in the morning! :)

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Angela said...

I love the farmers market as well. It just feels so good!

Jo said...

I'm really looking forward to ours opening in a couple of weeks! Somehow I always end up coming home with a homemade fruit pie ... it just seems to jump into my basket :)


LuLu said...

I love buying fresh produce at the farmers market....can't wait for ours to open!!! Just read that you are homeschooling next year i can't wait for you to share how it goes. I know you will be great at it!!!