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Paint a ROCK!

It's been a very busy house around here. I am officially waiting for my kids to grow "fins" and "gills" any day now. It's been HOT and perfect swimming weather.

However, even with a pool, my kids can get bored or look for other things to do with their friends. Yesterday, I pulled out the paint pens (LOVE THEM!)by Crayola and the kids painted rocks. After, collecting the best and the smoothest it was lots of fun showing off their artistic abilities even on a rock.

It's probaly the cheapest summer activity and the kids really think it's pretty neat! Right now, my pond is surrounded by beautiful, painted rocks!

Super Easy Summer Activity!

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Karen and Gerard said...

That is a fun craft idea. You could use a really nice one as a paperweight. We made those in VBS one year and put verses on them after painting them all white first. Then typed verses on a napkin and glued them onto the rocks--don't remember if we used decoupage or not, something like that. I had it on my desk for a very long time!