They eat it...if they make it!

This summer, I have noticed that my kids have become "picky" in their very own special way. We seem to have the same discussion almost EVERY day. It goes something like this...

"If you don't eat your dinner there will not be anything the rest of the night."


"You cannot leave that table till you eat all that chicken and the rest of your green beans."


"No, you can't eat gummy bears for breakfast or ice cream for not even a popsicle."

I have noticed that if my kids help prepare the meal or even make it- they eat it! We love to make little pizzas at our house. Meijer's (if you have one by you) has great frozen pizza crust with their organic, natural pizza sauce. I stock up on them and they defrost quickly on the counter.

Do you think if I have them cut up the broccoli, tomatoes and red onion that they will eat their broccoli salad??

I am going to try that but I am doubtful.

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MCA said...

That is so funny that you wrote about this today. I have a post coming on Friday that talks about picky eaters. I will have to add your idea of getting them to help. Or better yet, stop over on Friday and leave a comment.