School is starting on Monday! I have been planning and panicking all at the same time. My girls are VERY VERY excited! We were at the grocery store and the cashier asked "When are you starting school?" and my youngest daughter said "I don't know but you can ask my teacher- she is standing right here!" She was a bit puzzled. Honestly, my first reaction was to turn around to find her "teacher" but then I realized it's ME!

Their "excitement" is contagious though! I don't want to disappoint them! We went to the Art museum last week. They kept asking me if this was a field trip. I told them we were just making a day of it but they insisted on calling it a "field trip". I think they would of been happy if I stuck a big ole' sticker on their shirt with their name on it!

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Mari said...

I love the picture! Glad they are excited - they must really like the teacher. :)

Ruth said...

Praying that all goes well as you start on your homeschool adventure.


carolinagirl said...

I love the excitement! I wish both my boys still got that excited about school starting.