What I have learned...

I am going to attempt to do a new series on my blog called "What I have learned". I have received some emails asking me if my blog is going to turn into a "home schooling" blog. Honestly, I haven't thought too much about it but I do know that home schooling will be part of our everyday life. However, I thought I would try to do some new "posts" called
I was at a meeting for Classical Conversations (homeschooling program) to meet our tutor {loved her!}. Our tutor pulled out a folder that had every page in a plastic sleeve- it was pretty fancy! Everyone "whoooed" and "ahhhhhed". It was funny- it was plastic sleeve envy at it's finest! {including me!}

I have learned that home school moms LOVE to put every piece paper in a plastic sleeve. I am not joking! If it is not consumable- that "baby" is going in a plastic sleeve-pronto! I think Staples makes a mint on home school moms from all their purchases of " plastic sleeves".

I have been resisting this urge, however, slowly but surely I am falling into the "plastic sleeve- EVERYTHING". Just came back from Office Max with TWO boxes of plastic sleeves- who needs pencils and paper??!!!

That is what I have learned!

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Tara G. said...

Funny! I don't plastic sleeve because our papers come pre-punched. But I am redoing my recipes and I just got a shipment of those in! :)

Karen and Gerard said...

I'm sure OfficeMax is very happy about this!

Em said...

I LOVE those darn things. I even have made my own tabs to go my binders I made the tab on the top because those sleeves make the pages stick out too far and cover traditional tabs {did that even make sense?} Yay for plastic sleeves :)