Our Motto

Well, this is our first week of "home schooling". I can't really say how I am feeling either way- right now I can only think of the word "neutral". However, I am taking one day at a time..maybe one hour...or minute!

We picked a "motto" or "quote" for our year! I had three choices and they each got a ballot to vote! We talked about them and then we voted. This is just for our year- a goal, something to discuss and strive for. It's a summary of what we are doing or "want" to do!

My kids voted for this-

"The first priority of my life is to be holy, and the second goal of my life is to be a scholar." by John Wesley

I think this was a good one! I think it's perfect!

I realize "ALREADY" that I don't feel sufficient(even though by worldy standards I am qualified) and that I am at peace that the Lord already knows their path. He will use this year, this day, to fulfill his plan for my kid's lives.

This quote is just as much for me as it is my kids!

My middle schooler(...it's hard to believe!)

My fourth grader

My first grader

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