I may have a newborn...

Yesterday morning, my kids were pouring their cereal and we quickly found out that I was out of milk! Not one drop left! It has been years since I just ran out of something and didn't even know it! Like when I brought my 3rd child home from the hospital!

I am starting to think that having a newborn is the same as starting homeschooling...

1. First, I have no food- I am running out of things faster than I can stock it! I am so tired that going to the grocery store at night is complete torture!

2. My house looks like I have a newborn!!!

3. I live in one AREA of the house! My schoolroom- I start my day there and I end my day there. Just like a newborn after a c-section- I stayed on the first floor -guest room! No difference just not cleaning bottles but reading curriculum.

4.I do not have a crying baby or diapers to change- but I do have "Can you help me?", " I don't understand this", "HELP ME!", "Where's my teacher?" almost every 5 minutes from someone unless I am doing a formal instruction.

5. I don't have mid night feedings but I am up at midnight. Thinking, pondering about what we are doing tomorrow??!!!

6. I barely leave my house just like when I had a newborn (thank goodness for CC!)- after a few days- it takes me a couple minutes to adjust to the sun!

7. When I had a newborn, I lived in my nightgown those first couple of weeks. I could NOW because who the HECK is going to see me but my kids. They beg me to stay in their pjs but we DON'T!

8.When I brought my newborn home, I felt GUILT- guilt that the others weren't getting attention, etc. etc. I still feel GUILT- are they going to be smart? will they get into college despite their mother!

9. I waited forever to get highlights in my hair after the babies were born. Right now, I need highlights so bad- I look like a skunk! But, taking 3 kids to the hairdresser seems ABSOLUTE torture and looking like an "animal" that sprays it's prey-almost sounds better!

10. Lastly, when I brought home that newborn, I was to tired to barely talk to my husband let alone- anything else! Now, I am just as tired and instead of "talking"- I am begging him to print off my downloaded test booklet for tomorrow!!!

I don't have a newborn but it sure feels like it! It's wrapped up in a blanket and I handle it with care...it's name is "Home Schooling"!!

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