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I love to go to the movies. I even enjoy kid movies (if they are good!). Probaly my favorite movie this summer was the "The Help". First, you MUST read the book then see the movie. I thought it was REALLY good and the actors were GREAT!

The girls and I saw the "Smurfs". It was an okay movie for it being about little blue people. I remember being a kid and watching Saturday morning cartoons. I loved the smurfs!Things have changed so much since we were kids (sounding pretty old here!). You had to wait almost a whole week to watch your favorite cartoons- Saturday! Now, kids have cable, Netflix, ipods etc- it's instant gratification and no waiting needed. I think waiting till Saturday to watch cartoons is what made them extra special! You had to get up REALLY early to see the good ones and when 11:00 am came around- it was nearly over till next week!

Do they even still have Saturday cartoons?

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Ruby Red Slippers said...

SO jealous that you have seen the HELP-I read the book (loved it) and am dying to see the movie...but I have to still wait a while, too much to do.
I also just caught up on your blog, and how wonderful it sounds homeschooling is going-Great Job, your kids are blessed that you are doing this with them!!!

marlowe said...

Having trouble commenting on your "Newborn" post so I'll post here:

Every time I feel crazy and unscheduled, I feel like I need a newborn to get my life back into the daily routine of things. Whether a house reflects it or not .. homeschooling moms have got to be the most organized and disciplined women I know! Enjoy your newborn :) they grow so fast!

Ruth said...

I want to read The Help. I homeschool too and haven't had much time to read. I remember those Saturday morning cartoons. So true that by 11 am it was almost all over and you had to wait until the next week. Those were the days before cable, on demand and dvr.