a beautiful day...

Today, the kids and I took a little trip to a local apple farm. The sun was shining and a light breeze was blowing across the green hills.

It brought "joy" to my heart to see all the pumpkins lined up and sticky carmel apples poked with a wooden stick on the counter.

We brought our lunch and added a little apple cider and fresh made cider donuts. My kids drank frozen apple cider but I personally enjoyed the regular. The farm had ducks, pigs, and horses. My kids enjoyed watching the ducks and chickens roam around. My youngest wouldn't put down her legs b/c she was scared a chicken would "cluck" her. My son seemed to find the energy to chase the rooster around the barn. I told him to "Watch it!"- you can never be sure of a rooster!

Finally, I purchased a few pumpkins for my porch and some cute green gourds. My summer flowers are still in bloom. However, I think that will be ending soon with a very chilly weekend upon us.

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michele said...

Beautiful pictures. I LOVE apple orchards, produce stands, pumpkins for sale... and this time of year is so beautiful. It has been a few months since I have visited your blog, but I always enjoy it!