Trying new "things"

We are in a "season" of our lives of NEW THINGS! We have been doing some stuff that we normally don't do! We joined a swim team- all three can do it! all at the same time! all on the same day! This is a first for us!

My kids really like it and I LOVE the swim coach! She is tough but REALLY good and wants the kids to learn. We have our own pool but my kids did not know how to dive in! Just after a few weeks, my kids are all doing it!!! My youngest dived into 12 ft into the middle of a hoop laying on the water- THIS IS MAJOR PROGRESS!!!

We have our first swim meet at the end of the month. The kids are a bit nervous but it will be great!

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Tara G. said...

Wonderful- for you,for them, for the mom-mobile that doesn't have to work quite as hard running to and from 3 different activities!! :)