We have a new yogurt shop that opened up!! It's super yummy and has lots of different kinds of yogurt. It's called the "Orange Leaf"--check to see if you have one in your area! Our favorite flavor is "wedding cake" but my kids love "pumpkin pie". There are at least 10 different types of flavors plus any topping you can imagine!

When I went the first time, I wasn't sure about this place. But, it has really become a favorite spot for us. Even just a little bit- is a "perfect" treat for the end of the day! Our local Orange Leaf has happy hour on Wednesday between 3 and 5-it's 50% off! Now that is my kind of "happy hour".

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jules said...

We don't have yogurt shops here in our small town but I would LOVE if we did. The pumpkin pie would probably be one of my favs.

whimzie said...

My mom has an Orange Leaf in her town and we visited a couple of times when were at her house this summer. We love it!! My favorite is Red Velvet. It tastes just like Red Velvet cake batter!!

April said...

Mmm...that sounds and looks so GOOD! We have a new yogurt shop that just opened up around here. I made the mistake of geting mango yogurt and topping it with M & M's...not a good combination!