Circle Toys!

This week, the new Toys R' Us Christmas edition magazine came! It sat on my counter for one one picked it up...not even a "flip" of a page.

It was sad! I remember my kids would wrestle for it. They wanted to circle all the toys that they would love for Christmas. Everyone was given a different color marker and by the end of the day it was completely circled. It was empty this year and was thrown away like all the other "junk" mail in our box. Seasons of life change in a blink...

I remember sometimes getting frustrated with my kids over that toy magazine. It would be circled and pictures would be cut out. I would find little clips of magazine all over my floor and down the hallway. Today, I would love to pick up a few little clips and sit down right next to them and circle toys!

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Jessica said...

That is so funny you blogged about that because we went to Toyrs R Us tonight before dinner!! : ) We had a great time. Thanks for stopping by my blog! : )