Protecting the "Important" things in life

Our family dinners have evolved and change through the years. However, every family knows that "today's" schedule threatens and dissolves families eating together. In our family, we have had seasons in our lives that eating together as a family was zero to none. We were here and there and everywhere! We had to sit back and re-evaluate what is going on. Sometimes it takes hard decisions to do "good" things. I can't guarantee that we won't face those "seasons" again down the road.

We definitely don't have it all together. We still have evenings that we can barely make a ham sandwich quick enough to get in the car. However, as our family has grown and years are passing quickly by. I have become a little more protective of our family meals. I can look around the table and realize in unbelief that our "time" is fading. Of course, you never know the future, one of the families in our church has all their grown children home for a while due to certain situations. She has EVEN more people living there with new spouses and dogs! Life brings us many surprises along the way!

I want my kids to remember our dinners. I want them to talk and discuss and share! I want them to hear their dad and I talk and discuss and share. This is what is important...

Dinner can be overwhelming for me. I really have to plan or we will eat pizza every night! I have to be diligent to plan, defrost and set aside time to make the dinner. Sometimes, I cook from a different cookbook each week. I love to try new things but sometimes that can be tricky!! I made my first lamb roast today- a little scary for me! Yesterday, we had a "breakfast" dinner...the kids love this...homemade hashbrowns, eggs and bacon!

How do you "protect" your family dinner time?

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MCA said...

Is that the lamb roast in the picture? It looks delicious. How did it go over? I've never made one before.

I try hard to schedule dinner time together (although my husband is rarely home) where homework, video games, tv, etc are all turned "off". My kids don't quite understand my insistence on this, so perhaps I should try to explain it to them better. They always seem to be in a hurry, whereas I want to sit and visit with them.

You'll have to try one of the weekly recipe challenges on my site. I don't know why my url doesn't come up.

Unknown said...

We have all 3 meals seated together! SO IMPORTANT to be together and pray together! SUCH an important time!

Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

I totally agree with you! I also feel that is important to have meals together as a family. My girls are growing up too fast! Our saturday morning waffles are essential and we try very hard to eat together at dinner. It doesn't always work out but I try.

We love having breakfast for dinner!

Unknown said...

Oh such an important topic... I am right there with you on knowing its a necessary event at least a few times a week to connect. Something I find helpful is meal planning with a weeks worth of ideas. I write them down, shop for them etc. I post thm in the kitchen- this wy I know I have all the ingredients for those meals. I switch them around based on how much time I have. If I make 3 or more from the list each week I feel like a rock star! Check out my tantalizing Tuesday's on my blog- I have weekly meal plans with recipes and printable recipe cards!

Unknown said...

we do some family movie nights but other than that- we stop and eat together! soccer season is tough, but we still manage meals several times a week - we pretty much do breakfast, lunch, and dinner together (except for daddy who joins us at night and weekends) :) homeschooling allows more time for this- the boys also help cook and then sit down together - they love it