I love FaiRs! I love Fall Fairs and Christmas Fairs! Tis..the season for Fairs-they are starting and upon us from now till December. Of course, you need a little "moola" to go along with the fairs but not necessary. I am happy just being there with a latte in my hand...surrounded by smells of spices and pine..crazy shopping women and fun stuff to look at!

My mom and I went to the Country Living Fair in September. A great Fall Fair surrounded by lots of fun pumpkins and house decor. I even love the early "Christmas" fairs held in schools in the local areas- great fun!

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Mari said...

I love Fairs too and this looks like a good one!

April said...

The Country Living Fair is coming to Atlanta...would sure love to go!

Tami said...

Your blog is adorable! I would LOVE to go to a Country Living Fair. Looks amazing! Thinking I won't get to any while in Dubai ;-)