Letting go of tradition and adding "new"

Every year, on Christmas Eve, my kids get a package on the front door. The package appears to have traveled the "world" with stamps and stickers. In this box, my kids receive their Christmas pajamas, ornament for the year and a Christmas movie or sometimes Christmas book. My kids get very excited when they find it there sitting on the cold,porch step.

However, my kids KNOW it's Mr. Sandy Toes and I. It's almost become a joke after 12 years. So this year, I made a hard decision and decided to give up that little "tradition" but a fun one! So this Christmas Eve, my kids will get a wrapped box with their pj's and stocking. It makes me sad but every year brings changes and those changes are very good,too!

For example, my daughter did ALL my Christmas cards this year- stamped them, licked them and put an address label on them! Wow- that was so nice!It's her new job every December! Maybe instead of "job" I will call it a "tradition".

Or this year, the girls and I made tons of Christmas cookies from sugar cookies, lintzer cookies and pinwheel cookies. It was a lot of fun and the girls are actually good at it! It was fun to listen to Christmas music and bake with them.

So even as the years bring change, each 'season' brings something new. I guess as each Christmas pasts, I realize more and more that you need to appreciate and enjoy the moment because it goes fast. It seems like yesterday when I would worry about the presents being opened so that none of the little "pieces" would get in the baby's mouth- it feels like yesterday!

Traditions are a beautiful addition to "family life" but sometimes you need to put them aside and see the beauty in new ones- it makes life a little sweeter!

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