We went to the Nutcracker on Friday. It was beautiful and the costumes were amazing. My son was not exactly thrilled to attend the "ballet". However, a little "culture' won't him! My girls enjoy dressing up more than actually watching the show. They wore their Christmas dresses and their shiny black shoes.

It was a sold out show so that made it "alive" and many "Bravos" were yelled out! I love going downtown during the holidays. Everything is lit up and the big Christmas tree is in center with everyone ice skating. It's beautiful.

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Tara G. said...

They look darling!! The girls and I now have tickets to go to the children's theater on the 31st. The National Opera Theater is sold out but I was told there were some connections and if I wanted to pay 500-700 UAH (divide by 8) per ticket, they could probably work something out. Um, no thanks! They run the show monthly and tickets are about 200, so we'll just go when it's not Christmas! :)