Hot dogs!

Tonight...this was my "view" most of the night. 
I was behind the concession counter selling hotdogs, brats, hamburgers, TONS of candy and drinks.  At first, I was so nervous to "work" my swim hours because my kids were COMPLETELY on their own during the meet. However, a very nice lady from my kids old school took them under her "wing" and made sure they were on the block when they had to be!  People like that are such a blessing especially when your husband is traveling and I am doing this "solo"!

We had a lot of fun!  It's amazing how much "food" these swimmers eat!!!  Of course, we did have some "regular" customers every 15 minutes on the hour.  These two boys (one being mine!) ran out of money but kept checking to see if anything was free.

One witty boy came up to the counter and said "Pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today"...I chuckled and told him we don't give free food even to "Popeye" imposters!

I worked with a lovely lady behind the concession stand and we had a couple laughs during the night. We also covered  each other when our kids were on the "block" we both could see our kids swim!  This "world" of swimming is nothing like the soccer field or basketball court but we are enjoying it!!! I just need to get a handle on all the TOWELS and my laundry piling up!

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