Behind the leaf...

This summer, we have planted a garden.  My son put it together and we planted cucumbers, snap peas, mixed greens, lots of peppers and zucchini.  I have NO idea what I am doing but I am learning and I have friends who are a great "reference"!
Today, I was watering and behind a big green leaf...I saw this!

I ran inside and "googled"..."When should you pick a cucumber?".  After, reading a couple of sites, I went back out there and decided it was ready to go.  We were so excited and after our first pick realized there are so many more ready to be eaten!

I love cucumbers and so does my youngest.  I am also completely in love with laughing cow cheese wedges!  So I used my 100 calorie flat bread, cut up my cucumber, lettuce and red onion with a wedge of the garlic herb laughing cow cheese. Woila...a perfect summer sandwich!!

I think I was more excited about our little vegetable than my kids...

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