Saying "goodbye"

This week, my one daughter has been doing horse camp. She has been there everyday..all day!. She was assigned a horse for the week and has been taking care of him and riding him.  She has done everything from cleaning his hooves, brushing him, cleaning the stall and organizing the tack room plus lots of hours of riding.

Not surprisingly, she has become extremely attached to this horse.  She can't wait for the evenings to end so she can wake up early and see her horse.  Today, she has to say goodbye after her horse will be very hard for her!!! It's makes me a little teary-eyed too b/c I hate to see her so upset.  Everyday when I picked her up, she would wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him goodnight and rub under his tummy.  Then all through the night, she would tell us what her horse is "probaly" doing right now...

Ahhh...been such a great week but just like my daughter...I hate "goodbyes"!