To The Market I Go!

This past Saturday, I went to our local farmer's market....I was ready and excited!  However, I think a lot of the veggies have not come it was a bit "empty".  There were a lot of booths with herbal soaps and baked goods.  But, I am trying to stay away from all that...of course, some pretty soap would be nice but I try to refrain!

My son is VERY excited for the baked bread man to come!  He was not there this weekend but he comes with huge stone oven.  Undeniably, he makes the most delicious bread that has a tint of smoked bacon taste in it!  Plus he has an excellent vinagrette dressing for dipping.  I guess on a positive note -I was saved any extra calories because that bread is HARD to resist!

I am not in a GREAT need for the Farmer's Market, I have my garden too!  We have already had cucumbers and zucchini.  I think I am going to make zucchini bread tomorrow.  I have been searching the "web" for some great recipes and ones without a ton of sugar.  A warm zucchini bread is always yummy in the morning!

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