Blue and Red Festival

There is so much I could blog about but for right now... I will start off with our July 4th!  My parents came down from MI so we had a BBQ together. It was so wonderful having them here...I only wished we lived closer. I tried a bunch of new recipes and they were pretty good and healthy! Of course, our juicy hamburger on the grill wasn't exactly healthy but it was good.  
On a whim, my mom said she would like to go to some fireworks but our "normal" place was not having them this year.  So we decided to go down to the HUGE Blue and Red festival for music and fireworks.  Hewy Lewis was playing (is that how you spell his name?)! We had to take a shuttle and walk a mile after with TONS of people but it was a fun adventure!

 I am not a huge music "buff" but I knew quite a few of his songs and I enjoyed watching everyone else lip sing to his music.  Of course, I love to people watch and even though we saw EVERYTHING!  I loved all the Americana outfits--kids outfits, matching outfits and entire outfits.  Here are a few...

The fireworks were AMAZING!  They were choreographed to music and they were HUGE and the show was beautiful!It was the BEST firework show I have ever seen!


 It was just my mom and girls but we had fun!  Of course, anything is extra fun when you have a glowstick that lights up!
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