Here it is!

This has been a fun summer but a busy one. Boy, it has gone quick!!  It has been hard to get together with friends as much because of swim team and whatever else we are doing around here.  Plus everyone is just so busy with vacations and camps...but we have One more day of swim team and we are OUT OF HERE! Yippee!
{Showing off their amazing strength}
My one friend with three kids came over for lunch and swim.  It was nice to spend some time with them.

The kids had fun.  We tried to get some pictures of the kids but they were nothing short of being gymnasts on the lawn with their rolling around and fluffing each other's hair.  My girlfriend and I were sitting with our cameras yelling "names" out but no one was listening. 
The kids were quite entertaining.

My girlfriend was packing up to leave in the late afternoon.  She had brought a wonderful fruit salad with a cute suction lid that fits any bowl.  Well, I have the same one.  So my darling son(who he claims he thought it was mine) had taken the lid earlier and was picking things up with it.  So we were looking for this lid EVERYWHERE.  Finally, I yelled upstairs to the boys... "Have you seen the suction lettuce lid??".  Within seconds, the lid comes flying down the stairs and SUCKS the wood floor with a huge suction noise. 

My girlfriend and I were standing there and all I could say was "Here it is...".  She is light hearted and fun so we all laughed. 

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