Little engine who Could

I dragged....hmmm..I mean took the kids on a hike together.  They really did enjoy it and we saw a lot of wildlife.  It was a beautiful day and the kids got into it once we started.  We had walked 1.5 miles and everyone was doing great!  Even my youngest was like the little engine who said he "Could" all the way down the paths.  UNTIL...

My son came across a sign with a map which he read aloud to his sisters.  "We have walked 1.5 miles and we have 2.8 more to go!".  That did it!  My youngest who had just joyfully ran past was flopping around like a fish that she couldn't walk a step further!  She was thirsty...she was tired...her legs hurt...her arms ALL hurt!  

I finally after trying to be patient and encouraging...looked her in the eyes and told she had to walk it b/c we were halfway either way.  The only short cut was swimming across that lake that was partially green!  I told her this Momma is not carrying her and if we walk we will be finished.  

We did it!  We stopped along the way but we did it!

After, I let her play on the playground. Sometimes, I feel sorry for her because when my others were her age...we went to the playground all the time.  But, with her being the youngest...she is thrown into doing "older" things. She does pretty well but sometimes just sliding down a slide or climbing a playscape is what she needs!

Of course, then there is my oldest daughter who does not have a care in the world.  She was only going to touch the water "shooters" but came back totally drenched!  I do love that girl- I wish I was as carefree as her.  All the little kids at the park were surrounding her because she was talking and splashing them...she will be a great mom someday!

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