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Reading is like dreaming with your eyes open


Many years ago ( let's not count!), my dear grandmother gave me one of her old books when I was about 13 years old.  She told me to read it.  I felt very compelled to read this book b/c she tried to teach me how to sew but I wanted to play "ball"...she tried to teach me how to cook but I thought I would never cook (Ha!). So then as her "last ditch effort", she tried to share her love of reading with me.  So for whatever reason, I read it.  It was an old classic called "Rebecca".  This classic book was the opening of a treasure for me and began my love for reading.

So this coming school year, I decided to start a book club with a group of girls from our CC. I have eleven girls in it and it's going to be a great group.  We started our group with a "Book Tea" at my house.

 It was a chance for the girls to get to know each other and feel comfortable with one another. They all did great and they all shared freely and easily! Of course, drinking lemonade out of teacups(none of them wanted "real" hot tea) and eating fruit tarts and cupcakes makes anyone "open" up!

What a great group of girls! 

 We started our discussion off with a quote "Reading is like dreaming with your eyes open"...all the girls shared their thoughts on the quote and what it meant.  They also shared their all time favorite book and "why".
  We played a get to know you game with M&M's...any game is good with chocolate!

The girls were so comfortable in sharing and it was a great start to a new book club! At the end, I took a couple of group shots and I said (really thinking to myself)...we should do a "jump" picture and they all screamed "YES!"..

So this was "Take One"

"Take Two"

It's going to be a great "book" club!

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