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Pool Party!

Today, we had some of our dear friends over for a was a ton of girls.  My son tried to hide inside but our friend's six year old son likes to be with him.
So we were "graced" by his presence for a while but after an hour or so...he slipped inside to talk with his friend in Texas.

 He won't be able to talk/play on the computer with his Texas friend for three weeks starting Friday so they are getting it all in till then!

I love this age of girls- it's one of those "odd" stages!  They are getting older so laying on rafts and floating around the pool sounds like the right thing to do.
But, they are still young, so laying on rafts and talking gets boring and soon they are flipping each other and playing games. 

 (All the girls are on different swim "teams" but they all LOVE their "uglies" bathing suits)

Time always goes by fast when I am with these ladies...we can talk an "ear" off...seriously!  Our one friend couldn't join us but when we all get together---it's hours of talking and laughing!  We talk about everything from our schooling adventures to politics to cleaning our houses (or NOT cleaning our houses).
I think we talk more than the kids do! They are blessing to me and they are a constant encouragement to me!
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