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Nestle In...

This weekend, I picked up my daughter from my parents house in Michigan. My parents and I joke around about the commercials for "PureMichigan"- all the time! But, driving up to my parents place I was thinking about how truly amazing my parents place represents the "Pure" in Michigan.

When I was in highschool, my parents announced that they were going to build a new home out in "nowhere" land and about 45 minutes away from all living society!  As a freshman in highschool, I was not happy that I moved away from all my friends and commuted 45 minutes to school everyday.  I remember one day being in class and I had a pine needle stuck in my hair (I thought it was a bug) just reminded me how much I hated our new "adventure". But, now, I would do almost anything to sit in one of their "stick" chairs and read a book. 

My parents home is nestled in 10 plus acres of deep woods and rolling green the east is a the north is their pond and a rushing river that truly has some of the best fly fishing around.  There is more wildlife than on a National Geographic and when you walk their smell some of the sweetest smells.

I walked out on my balcony from my "childhood" bedroom and my perspective of this amazing place has changed so much.  I remember sitting on my balcony while in highschool thinking "Somewhere out beyond all these pinetrees..about 25 miles away is a Mall!!!" Now, I could just nestle in a chair and soak in all the sounds of wildlife and RELAX!

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