Me and Lenny...every morning

 This is my view EVERY morning...5 times a week and sometimes 6! 
This trusty little treadmill has survived two floods, two moves and children swinging off it. The digital board is missing some of its "lines" so when it says "1" probaly is reading "4".  I have just learned to adjust with it.

I have hinted that I made a MAJOR overhaul in my eating and exercise in March.  I am no expert...I consider myself a person who could quit any moment but this time it's a little different! But, I am always on my guard.  When I started in March, I could barely do a I am up to 3 miles.  I am slowly throwing in some "circuit" runs but being careful.

I must say I enjoy it.  It's my time to rejuvenate or become "dog dead tired"...depending on the day!  One morning(very early), my husband came down and could hear my bass from the steps.  I was a little embarrassed but I have come to realize that I need "my" music while I exercise- It just does it for me!!  If I can get three miles done while listening to "American Woman" by Lenny be it!  I am more a "MercyMe" type of gal  and I love my "KLove" radio station but it just doesn't cut it on the treadmill!

Today...I stepped on that scale and I have lost 50 plus pounds. Now that makes me love my treadmill even more and Lenny Kravitz...

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