powdered sugar...


This week was a first "look" toward the Fall! My local Classical Conversations had their yearly practicum.  It was three days packed full of information. It was a great practicum but I am so in the summer "mindset".
Have you been to Target lately?  There are school supplies out EVEN the backpacks! Yikes!  I am SO not ready!

I love summer.  I love the late nights...I love the lazy mornings {well, we aren't too lazy b/c we have swim team every morning}. I can't honestly say that I become some amazing gourmet cook June, July and August unless my zucchini bread counts!  However, I am more at ease to pull out the waffle maker...I feel like Martha Stewart!  I love making waffles with my waffle maker!  My kids like them too.  Of course, they love lots of powdered sugar and try to talk me into chocolate chips instead of strawberries.

It's so fun!

After cooking waffles in the morning...I feel like I have done all my cooking for the day! So the rest of the day is filled with the rest of the "food" from the the "food pyramid" called purple popsicles, red popsicles, green popsicles and orange popsicles.

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