.99 breakfast

My mom was in town and we did the tour of my area while she was here.  We went to so many grocery stores.  I know you are thinking grocery stores???

We went to Fresh Market, Trader Joes, Sam's Club, Krogers and an international store down the street.  We have moved from furniture and home decor stores to "food" stores.  I have no idea b/c we don't buy much but a few items.  It's a bit crazy but we like it! Plus I had been gone since July and my shelves were bare and I had some stocking up to do!

We stopped at our IKEA and had lunch.  Well, they had breakfast!  I had a salad and "wrappy" thingy-it was not very appetizing for the morning but I couldn't do bacon! 

I love when my mom comes....It was a bit crazy here.  I just got back from vacation and I am getting ready for school.  She put up with our crazy schedule of a tournament all week in the hot sun, Open houses and birthday stuff. I am always sad to see her leave.  I wish she lived down the street!!!I am always trying to talk her into staying longer...

But, she is coming back in September for our annual weekend away....the COUNTRY FAIR is coming!

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