Who knows the "song"

This past weekend, we spent some time with my dear best friend.  We have known each other for years!  Our boys were together in Little 4's preschool and she was there with a meal when my youngest was born.

Sometimes I talk to her three or four times a day and there have been times we have not talked for months but we start right where we left off every time!  We are like sisters..we care for each other like a sister...we fight like sisters...we are painfully honest with each other and love each other like a sister.

We both had super busy summers.  She has been a homemaker for 13+ years and this summer she went back to work.  It has been a life changing summer for her but I think she handles it with grace.  Of course, it was life changing for me b/c I can't talk to her while she is working but that's another "post".

Our kids had a lot of fun together this weekend.  Our girls enjoy their time together and they continue right where they left off every time.  The boys are getting big and we only saw them when they were hungry.  It's a new world for my friend and I...instead of talking legos and little league baseball....We are talking about how much computer is too much and who are they texting and how can they earn money!  I think we both fondly look back and miss those "lego" years!

Here is a picture of our girls, many years ago....we even dressed them alike!


Here are the boys... 

All of us piling in the car to go to church on Sunday...It's just like old times....we did everything together.  We use to pile in my mini van with 5 car seats, diaper bags...it NEVER stopped us!!!

Her beautiful saltbox home.... it's so warm inside I can sit on her couch and fall asleep!

She cooked for us, fed us...entertained us...Thank you!!!

Her friendship is a treasure to me!  We don't see each other much because life is busy but it's always "sweet" to my soul when we do! She is a friend who knows the song in my heart, and can sing it back to me when I have forgotten the words.....

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