Our typical school day

It's hard to believe that I am in my second week of homeschooling and CC!  It is breezing by!  We started our first day last week!  Nope, it didn't start off with eggs and bacon or steel cut oats--I got up early and surprised the kids with DONUTS!!! Then we began our first day...it went pretty smooth and the past couple weeks have been good.

We have done a lot of the same and brought in some new stuff, too!  This year, we are doing a "hymn" study.  It's been good so far...we read a "story" about a writer who wrote an old hymn and then learn about the song and why he wrote it.  It's been an amazing to read about the mighty godly men who wrote some of our favorite hymns.  The writer of "Holy, Holy Holy" was truly a man of God and even as a young boy often caught by his parents on his knees praying to God.  It's very convicting!

Another favorite so far is our "Word Build" program...at first, I thought it would be so easy but it's been a little difficult.  It's a study of "words"- it's GREAT!  They did a pilot program in NY and the SAT scores and knowledge of "words" improved dramatically!  I love it!

Both my daughters are doing programs with the IEW.  My oldest is involved in an Essentials class at our CC campus.  My youngest is doing the PAL PART 3 by IEW.  This week, she did a Key Word Outline and rewrite- it was amazing!  I so underestimate my kids but they surprise me often! IEW is such an outstanding writing program- I only wish my son would of done this during the elementary years!  I can't say enough about this program!

I have received some emails asking me what is my daily schedule!  Whew...that is a loaded question b/c some days are different than others.  But, here is a "normal" (is there "normal" in a homeschooling day?  I try!)schedule-This is just for my elementary kids!

Homeschool Day:

Start school- Pray- Explain Journal Writing for the day- Explain Math Gram and Copy Work
Bible- Read Proverbs for the Day- Do Bible Curriculum(Notgrass) or Hymn Study
Poetry Unit- We are doing the Andrew Pudewa poetry curriculum-it's great!
**Read "The Millers- Proverbs"

**Sometime during the day- both girls are required to go online and do CC review, too!

9:00 Reading
Second Grader:
IEW, All About Spelling, McGuffey Reader, Explode The Code, read a variety of books

Fifth Grader:
Word Build, Literature Study (We are doing the "The Hobbit") with Progeny Press

10:15 BREAK

10:30  MATH
Second Grader: 
Calculadder, Saxon 3

Fifth Grade:
Calculadder, Saxon 6/5

11:20  SCIENCE
We are doing Apologia Botany with a Nature Journal


Second Grader:
Rod and Staff Grammar

Fifth Grader:
Veritas Self Pace Ancient History and Literature

Second Grader:
Veritas Self Pace Ancient History and Literature

Fifth Grader:
IEW Work from CC Class (Copying tables, writing KWO, writing paragraph, editing and spelling)

Second Grader:
Finishes up work from the day- she finishes around 2:45

Fifth Grader:
Continues IEW work and finishes up work-she finishes around 4:00 or so
Some days are Latin For Children
Everyday is a bit different and we do a few other things but this is a general idea!  It's a busy day and we are tired by 4:00! 
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