Covering my feet

Tomorrow, is our first day at CC and I was trying to pick something to wear {I am a tutor, too!}. I had already worn the only dress that fits me last night at "Back To CC Night".  So I put on a skirt (that I couldn't wear about 6 months ago)- zipped it up!  The moment I let go the skirt fell right down to my ankles.  I just stood there with my skirt covering my feet!

Today, I stepped on the scale and I am one pound shy of losing 70 pounds!

It has been a hard journey but a good one! I am not sure why this time it has really worked and I am really doing it.  Normally when I try to lose weight, I buy exercise clothes, journals, water bottles, blenders, magazines and nothing short of hand held weights.  But, I didn't do any of that this time- I just did it.  I write it all down everyday and I exercise 50 minutes a day(not everyday). It's a constant battle that starts in the morning, continues to noon, heightens at 5:00p.m. and doesn't end till my eyes are closed shut.

Last night, I was standing at the fellowship part of our was a table full of goodies from cakes to dips to cookies.  It was like the "devil" on one shoulder and the "angel" on the other- the mental struggle was on.  I could of had something but I didn't- I walked away and never returned. 

What's different?  I don't celebrate every event in life with food.  Like the first day of school, the day before the first day of school, birthdays, graduations, friends over, soccer parties, holidays, swim parties and all of the above- There is NOTHING right now no matter how special and how big that "calls" for eating bad.  But, don't think I have got it- remember it's an every minute struggle!

But, it's worth's So VERY worth's to skirts falling off worth it! LOL!

I go on Pinterest all the time to look at "Fitness" quotes..this is "MY TODAY'S" Favorite below!

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