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Tasty Blueberries!

We went blueberry picking with my mom.  They were the best blueberries I have ever had.  It was like picking off candy from a tree.  The were organic and you could eat them directly from the pail- they even discouraged washing them {but I don't know about that}.

At first, we couldn't find many--we were looking at all the people around us with pails and pails of blueberries.  I thought maybe they were all picked over.  But, a sweet little white-haired lady told us to go {deep} into the bush.  As we went deep, the blueberries were was amazing!

My mom made blueberry pancakes the next day.

When I went to my friend's house, the next day she had picked, too.  She shared her amazing blueberry pie...oh, yum!
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