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Simply Beautiful!

There are truly some amazing places in Michigan!  We went to a wonderful place called Lumberman's Monument.  It is soooooo beautiful and it would take weeks to explore it all.  The views are breathtaking.

This protected area was once a place where men came from all over the country during the Great Depression to find work.  They would live in tents and work hard all day cutting down trees.  We read that the men were okay with the hard work and long hours as long as the food was delicious.
They would fire the cook if the men didn't like the food.  They did eat--lots of biscuits, bacon and eggs!

After we were done, my daughter begged us to climb down the huge sand dune to the water.  It's BIG and she did it! I think she ran down and ran up(she said running up was easier than walking).

They also learned how to cut wood from the huge saw.  It took them FOREVER!!!  I thought we would never get that wood cut.  You would not believe how hard it was to keep the blade straight.  If the blade bends, it will not cut!Our forest ranger had patience!

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