Grow An Old Friend

Over the past years going up to my parents cottage, we have been able to spend time with an {old} childhood friend of mine.   We were best friends during childhood and spent most of our time together.  We played together, shared our stuff, called each other EVERY {I mean EVERY} morning to see what the other person was wearing, went on family vacations and we even fought like "sisters". 

It's funny b/c our lives with our dreams and our plans almost "swapped" from when we children.  I wanted all boys but she is the one who HAS all boys.
 She wanted to be a public school teacher but she now teaches at the Christian school we went to as kids and I taught public.  I remember her talking about living in another state and moving out but I was the one who left for college and never returned to my home state. Life is funny that way...

Our adult lives are only shared during my visit to the cottage in the summer.  There is a slight "formality" between us b/c we don't see each other often.  However, there is also a "familiarity" that is so comfortable because she was there when I lost my first tooth, first sleepover, first heartbreak and all the stuff in between. 

Now, we have kids...older kids and we are both 40! This year, we were able to spend a little more time together. We went to their sweet cottage for the day and they came to my parent's cottage to swim.
  We went to the Fine Arts fair together and our kids entered a sand castle contest.  Her boys came in SECOND place!
It was a great to spend the time together and see how we have changed but also how we have stayed exactly the same.

I remember reading this on a calendar a while back 

"It takes a long time to grow an old friend"
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