Instagram Kind of Day!

This post is completely put together by the pictures I have on my Instagram.  I do take some CRAZY pictures and I am sure people around me think why is that lady taking a picture in pouring rain or a picture of her purse.  But, what can I say?
A really fun second hand shop opened up near's's REALLY REALLY dangerous for me.  They have such cute purses and shoes and it's fairly CHEAP!  I found this cute Vera Bradley purse that cost as much as a coffee at Starbucks.  It's so fun.  In this picture, it looks like a Mary Poppins bag but it's really cute and I have more stuff than Mary Poppins EVER did so it works!

Today, I watched my daughter play soccer in the POURING rain.  It was POURING and they didn't stop for a second.   They even had a "pow wow" session in a down pour...I couldn't even see out my van.  She was soaking wet...dripping wet....

I watched in horror as she played while my other daughter did her math homework in the car with headphones.  This is something that just never happens and I honestly I hate when kids have headphones on. I really do!  But, I just didn't have the strength to stop it and I was to busy thinking about my other daughter in the mini hurricane out on the soccer field.  She thought wearing headphones in the car while doing her homework was better than when they created Chicken Noodle Soup...

Lastly, I have found the most amazing thing.  SWISS MISS hot chocolate for the Keurig....oh my word!  It's a touch of chocolate "bliss" in the cup and it's my favorite hot chocolate.  Now, if you are thinking to yourself that is NOTHING new...keep your thoughts to you b/c right now I think I have just found the newest product out there!

Don't you just love instagram?