Homeschool moms and Saturday nights

Do you know what homeschool mom's do on a Saturday night?  Well, this homeschool mom grades papers!  Yep, that is what I do!  It is a time for me to sit down and grade all the writing, math, spelling test and journals.  

It's a time for me to "reflect" on my kids work from the past week. me crazy but it's a {peaceful} reflecting time for me.  It's usually late and I grab a coffee and go in our school room with my little red pen and basket of stickers.  A lot of times I look forward to it!  

Now sometimes, I want to go upstairs and wake up my kids when I grade some of their work and find out what they were thinking!!!!  Like when I grade my daughter's journal and she writes...

"I like fall.  I like pumpkins.  I like apples.  I like to jump in leaves.  I like you?"

OH MY!  This is my daughter who is in Classical Conversations Essentials and writes wonderful papers for her essentials teacher but somehow she tries to get away with murder when it comes to her journal and me! It takes everything in me to not wake her up and point to that journal entry and ask her "What were you thinking?".  But, other than an occasional "taking the easy way out"- my kids work really hard.

It's exciting to see what they have done in a week- it puts "down" all those doubts and questions if I am doing enough! 

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SkippyMom said...

I like your classroom and the decorations. Such talent, really! Kids are kids no matter where they are schooled. I think my kids tried the same things depending on the teacher. In your case I bet they think Mom is a softie. heehee

I am glad you enjoyed your peaceful time and the upcoming week is the best! :D