Our "Hobbit" Day"

My daughter has been reading "The Hobbit" this Fall.  My sweet friend who is homeschooling for the first time this year invited a bunch of the girls to come over for "Hobbit Day".  It was such a fun day and everything was wonderful!

They put on a scavenger hunt that went along with the book.  My friend and her kids made a pinata- it was so neat!  They ate "Hobbit food" like mushrooms, fruits, breads and beef stew.  It was a true delight!  All the girls dressed up and they were so excited!!

I think I enjoyed it as much as my kids.  Just standing in the kitchen, eating my friend's warm beef stew and talking with the moms was a much needed "treat"!  We were joking around that we should do this every Friday afternoon!

See you next Friday...same time, same place!

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