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A "Green" start...

I found a great "green" smoothie that I have been drinking every morning...

My kids watch me stuff the spinach into my magic bullet every morning and I always ask them if they want one.  I get a resounding "NO!".  My middle daughter did try it and liked the taste but she doesn't like the "green" color.

I personally do no mind drinking things that are green.  I think of words like "fresh", " healthy" or "nature".  So it doesn't bother me a bit..

I have been doing weight watchers so I have had to modify this quite a lot b/c I don't want to gulp a ton of points early in the morning.  I think it's refreshing and it's a great thing to get down 3 cups of spinach before 9am!

Green Smoothie:

3 cups of spinach
1 tsp of all natural peanut butter
1 banana
1 cup of Almond breeze milk
4 oz of non fat greek plain yogurt

Mix it up really good...Then add two ice cubes....mix again...enjoy!!  My magic bullet works great and it mixes right in the cup!

You can add other fruits or flax seed or whatever "fancies" you! 

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