You haven't worked in 13 years???

It's been 13.5 years to be exact since I have held a "real" job.  Well, that is what was pointed out to me this week.  As I handed the gentleman my application, he glanced at it and with a smirk on his face, looked  back at me and said "You haven't worked in 13 years???"

For a quick second, I wanted to bury my head in my purse and cry but then like a "fire" that stirred in the depths of my stomach--I blurted out {well, really quite "professionally}.  I have worked for 13 years just not as a classroom teacher or an At-Risk teacher for special education.  I have been raising three children.  I have been that "mom" who has been the PTA vice-president, brought the homemade cupcakes to the Valentine parties, carpooled all the kids who had working parents, I have ran fundraisers for my community and school, I have organized lunches and dinners at schools and MOMS'S Clubs, I have been on more "boards" than I can count, I have attended more meetings and accumulated more responsibility than I EVER  had as a classroom teacher. Not even mentioning the most important thing I have done in 13 years...I am raising 3 kids and I have been homeschooling.  Trust me, I have worked.

The man looked at me and and sheepishly  said " Well, yes, but REAL Work that requires timely and hard decisions." I looked at him and told him " One thing I am is "timely"...I hate been late and my kids rarely had a tardy slip while in school and about hard decisions....standing here and filling out that application was a hard decision." 

He thanked me and I left.  As I got in the car, I laughed because I couldn't believe I just told him that I am timely because my kids RARELY get tardy slips!  Oh my-that was not so professional!
Well, I went back home and the girls and I started school. Guess who left me a message for a interview?  Maybe the tardy slips got him!

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