To English or Western?

My daughter has been saving up for a LONNGGG time...well, almost a year or more for horse back riding lessons.  She finally felt after her recent birthday that she had saved enough for a good amount of lessons.  

She has only done riding "western" style but she is trying "English" style.  I am not sure if she is "sold" on the "English"'s harder and you really have to pay attention.  I don't think she feels she has as much control of the horse without that big ole comfy saddle that comes with "western".  I think also she is a down to earth type of gal and I don't know if "English" fits her.  

We drove way out(at least to me it seems like way out) to the country.  It's a pretty complex and the horses grazing make it serene.

She learned how to lift her "bottom"...use the "mane" which is for jumping(I have already said No jumping).  
Today, she had to keep her balance while holding her hands out to practice sitting on that small saddle and the horse trotting. Seems easy but it's not!
As I watched, I kept thinking please don't fall off....please don't fall off. Thank goodness they gave her a very small horse.

 Mr. Leo {that's the horse's name} was a bit stubborn but they soon worked well together.  My daughter loves the horses...she will stick her entire face in his mane and give him a big kiss.  As I watched her brush the horse after riding, hair was flying everywhere and she was happy as "clam" in the big whirling circle of hair.
 The verdict is not out if she will do English or Western...I could tell she was torn after her ride!  We will see but she enjoyed her time with Mr. Leo.

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