You take Child #1

We started the weekend off with hot pancakes this morning! I can always seem to get my kids out of bed with warm pancakes.  All my kids love breakfast!  On the island is a bunch of papers that outline our day....seriously!  Sometimes I even type and staple them.  The papers have directions, notes and where Child #1, #2, #3 need to be throughout the day.

It goes like this...Take Child #1 to this court, I will take # 2 child to the other court  THEN you drop off Child #1 to Child 's #2 game and then go pick up Child #3 at home for his game in the afternoon-he will need lunch. Everyone meet at 4:00 and then we will take the van to the meet at 5:00...

It sounds crazy to some but we have a method to our madness and we all seem to get where we need to be.  This Spring, for the first time since my oldest has been 3years old, our kids are not playing any!  I am a little nervous about it b/c I am not sure what we are going to do!!!  I don't even know what a "free" Saturday looks like without being at the pool, court or field!  

But, together we are embarking on a clear schedule this Spring... we will either enjoy it or possibly drive each other totally stir  crazy!!!  Right now, I am hoping for the first but something tells me it might be the "totally crazy" one!

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