With or without snow...

I love when it snows.  I don't know if it's my Michigan childhood or days of being a teacher and waiting for that "call" but I love snow. I remember one Christmas I received the "igloo" brick maker.  Do you remember those?  It was a plastic box with a handle.  You packed the snow in and it made igloo bricks. I loved it! 

  My daughter and I were watching out the window and she looks up at me and says "Tomorrow is a snow day!".  

I giggled b/c this entire week so far has been a snow day.  Today, is the first day I have "risen" from my room since last week.  I have been so sick from fever, cough, breathing...you name it I had it.  It was like the 5 plague sickness...everyday brought something new.  But, thankfully, I went from my bed to my bedroom chair today to finally the first floor.

The snow even made me want to post tonight.  Here's to lots and lots of snow... my kids didn't know but tomorrow was going to be a "snow day" with or without snow!

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