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Good book and good discussion...

This school year, I started a girl's book club for my daughter and her friends.  We discuss the book in detail, eat a snack (must do that!) and a craft.  This time, we all met a coffee shop to discuss.  I think the girls felt quite "adult-ish" and their mom's all got them a warm drink to sip during discussion.

We did it in a cute coffee shop with lots of books surrounding us- perfect atmosphere for a book discussion!

We read a wonderful book by the Lamplighter series called "Basket of Flowers".  It is a delightful book and has so many valuable lessons in it!  The girls know that by now I love "old" books or books with a 1800 flair!  Some of the girls asked me after if I could pick a more "modern" book for our next read.  That makes me nervous but I am trying! 

They are such a great group of girls and they all were great sports when I brought out felt and needlepoint to make a craft.  I AM the person who can barely sew a button but we adventured to make a bookmark!  Overall, it worked and they turned out!

Now, I just have to find a "MODERN" book for our next discussion!

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